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kitchen fitting in Chelmsford


In my opinion .no tradesman is more deserving of a £2500 cash sum(to purchase even better tools and equipment ) than Mark Suffolk

I cannot speak too highly of Mark whose attention to detail and professionalism were very evident when I observed him at work over the 4 days.

Not knowing the Chelmsford area ,I went on to ascertain what kitchen fitters were listed.
I could see immediately that Mark had received terrific feedback from past clients so as soon as he stated that he would be interested in doing the work I jumped at the opportunity to hire him.
I wanted to pay by the hour rather then a price for the total job and Mark kindly agreed to this.ThIs immediately gained him extra Brownie points for his flexibility (many tradesman are not this flexible!)

I designed the kitchen myself but not being an expert there were a few things that I had not taken into account .
The first thing that Mark did when he arrived was to come up with workable solutions to put things right(Without it costing the earth)

We were also short of a couple of panels and fixings and Mark offered to go to his yard and get these ,saving us the time and trouble of having to order them from
our kitchen supplier.

He then proceeded to work steadily and precisely.

As we wanted the job completed ASAP ,when we needed a plumber in a hurry,Mark offered his own contact to us.The plumber in question had been lined up to do some work on Marks own house ,but Mark offered US the slot.Thats the sort of bloke he is!

When the plumber arrived he realised that it would be necessary to turn off the water at the stopcock in the street. However,being an ex local Authority house it was shared by 8 people and Mark offered to help us to tell all our neighbours that their water would be turned off for a couple of hours the following day.

On the final day of the fitting Mark stayed on for an extra 3 hours to finish of WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE !

Mark is a very experienced kitchen fitter who takes great pride in his work.He is a very precise workman(hence his nickname-ONE MILIMETER MARK- but does it show in the end product? You end up with a kitchen of which you can be really proud!

He is a very tidy workman who clears up any mess as he goes .He also really looks after his tools and equipment(you can tell an awful lot about a tradesman by the state of his tools)

In 4 words ,if you want a kitchen fitted really well ,at a very fair and reasonable cost,MARK IS YOUR MAN!

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Homeowner Teddy Forsythe

Mark Suffolk
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