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Job of the Year 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Extension of kitchen into garage


It's probably fair to say that tradesmen in general are often thought of in a negative light and whenever you want to hire one, you immediately have concerns of whether they'll turn up on time (if at all), additional costs throughout the job that you weren't expecting and just how long after the completion date they will actually finish! I had all these concerns when I hired MJ Stanford Building and Carpentry services but can honestly say they were a pleasure to deal with. From Matthew's initial visit when he was extremely thorough, providing details of his insurance and building control forms up front, to the end of the project which was completed only two days later than planned (largely due to the numerous additional requests I made during the project), they really were worthy of recommendation.
Matthew entirely project managed the job and ensured the relevant specialists were available when needed, such as window fitters, electrician etc. They turned up every day and on time! But more than that throughout the project he was exceptional at keeping me updated on progress, providing details of any unexpected issues - there will always be something whatever the job and however good your tradesman - but the manner in which he dealt with these is what set him apart. He always gave me full details and different options and if there were any additional costs then he would explain what these were for and why, and would ensure I was happy with these before proceeding. These were actually very rare as on nearly every occasion where something had to change he would take it on the chin and work around the issue without any additional costs. There were also the small details like putting up mirrors, toilet roll holders and TVs which he was just happy to do without additional costs or additional time needed. Another thing I liked that was different to tradesmen I have used in the past was if he was unsure exactly how or where I wanted something, rather than make a judgement on that himself he would call me and ask and sometimes wait until I was there to visually see it to make the decision to ensure it was exactly what I wanted.
His wife who runs the office was also extremely helpful, going over and above what I would expect to provide options for bathroom suites etc, rather than leaving it all to me to research.
Matthew was also very good at ensuring the works didn't affect the neighbours at all, introducing himself to them at the start of the job and checking that nothing negatively impacted them throughout the works. They were always tidy and courteous too.
Any issues with supplies etc were dealt with my Matthew, even when I had ordered things like the kitchen units directly which saved me a great deal of time and hassle.
The finish on everything was excellent and Matthew was always checking that I was happy with everything and was so accommodating when I changed my mind on things - like deciding last minute that I wants the walls painted a specific colour etc. He took this all in his stride and never made me feel like I was being demanding or that it would be extra work or money.
I could go into great detail about specifics that made the works so much more painfree than I had expected but hope the comments above go some way to explaining this. I'd highly recommend MJ Stanford to anyone looking for this type of service and think they are very deserving of the Job of the Year Award!

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Homeowner Sarah singleton

Matthew Stanford
M J Stanford Building and Carpentry Services

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