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Water Stain appeared on kitchen Ceiling


I saw a leak stain appear on my newly fitted and decorated kitchen and feared the worst - I obviously had an active leak from my newly installed and decorated bathroom above the kitchen - my insurance company didn't want to know neither did NHBC so I reached out to mybuilder for help as I was particularly distressed. My job could have been complex because I needed a reliable plumber to not only trace the leak and fix the problem urgently as it was getting worse but also a builder to possibly cut a hole in the ceiling and then make good, this will also involve the skills of both a plasterer and a painter and decorator - so I needed a multitude of reliable tradesmen for my pressing problem - this proved problematic and troublesome and sent my pulse racing with anxious nervousness because of the difficulty of the issue together with the constant nagging of 'er indoors to sort the problem post haste - no one wanted to know and then up popped Zac from Saxton Interiors - he called me and said he could do all that was required and not only that, gave me a rough indication of price and pledged to be round my house very quickly - I snapped him up and breathed a sigh of relief that my problem was finally going to be sorted - I also phoned 'er indoors to ease some pressure on me for when I returned from work - Zac turned up as promised and sorted the problem for me - He even took off his shoes when entering my house which was a nice gesture - I found him to be polite and courteous and very professional and retained his number for any future jobs or to recommend to friends - As stated, the job was not as bad as first feared but that is not the point - I was highly stressed about my situation and the urgency of it all and Zac threw me a lifeline as he was the only one that fancied the job and pledged to do all that was required - a jack of all trades rather than simply a plumber - In my experience, finding reliable trades people is very difficult and when you do stumble across one as I have, then the sensible thing is to hang onto them for future issues - Zac is one such person and as he is just starting out his business, he really does deserve the £2500 to help him on his way as he continues to build on his excellent reputation - I always am very grateful for people that help me out however small so Good luck to Zac!

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Homeowner Lorna Greenslade

Andrew Saxton
Saxton Interiors Ltd

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