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It's our first house and the first time we've ever really had to deal with a faulty boiler, so we needed someone who was not only good at their job, but could take us through all the various boiler options and help talk us through which boiler was best for us.

Tom was brilliant, and clearly knew his stuff. We identified the type of boiler best suited to our household and he went away and ordered all the parts on our behalf.

It wasn't a straightforward installation. As our previous boiler was so ancient, we needed to upgrade drastically and increase the gas pressure, which basically meant Tom having to do some wizardry with lengthy pipe work around the outside of the house into the garage. I was dubious at first (worried it would look a bit messy), but the end result looks, sturdy, very professional - and it's barely noticeable.

Another problem Tom helped us overcome was the installation of a Smart Home Heating System - which was admittedly a bit of an add-on on our behalf. He expertly integrated the gizmo into the boiler with no fuss whatsoever.

We haven't had any problems since, which is testament to the work Tom carried out. Everything he did he explained in layman's terms (me being the least handy person ever) and made total sense throughout.

But most of all it was clear that Tom has a passion for the work he does. He always wanted to make sure i was happy with the decisions he was making throughout, and it was more than apparent that doing a top-class job is important to him.

I'd definitely recommend him for Job of the Year.

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