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Dismantling and moving of Log Cabin 5m x 3.5 meters.


I really didn't know what do do. I was having such a panic and couldn't think of a solution and then my wife came up with this great idea. 'Why don't you use Mybuilder' what a great idea. I was always telling everyone how great Mybuilder was at getting me work, having joined the site a few years ago and enjoying how it worked. But it hadn't occurred to me, that I could use it when I needed help. I was really stressing, I needed to dismantle a huge log cabin and was completely defeated by the scale of the project, there was no way I could do it on my own and even my brother was reluctant to take it on. I was completely stuck until I posted the job on Mybuilder. Help literally bounced straight back and I didn't feel alone anymore. Andrew arrived early on the first day, full of enthusiasm and smiles and even brough hot coffee, which was especially welcome as we had no power on site. I must say that even before this, I was feeling reassured by lots of clear conversation and text messages regarding logistics and planning. Andrew worked so hard, and adapted to each unique challenge as it presented itself. He was intuitive and we worked in harmony, only stopping to share the sausage rolls he had kindly brought a as well as the coffee. You can see from the photographs the progress and also the lovely pile of carefully stacked timbers, thanks to Andrews thoughtfulness. The next day Andrew was there again nice and early to crack on with the work and to my amazement said that he had gone to the gym the night before, unbelievable when I knew how much heavy lifting he had been doing the previous day. Andrew worked so hard and didn't slow or complain once, he went far beyond what was expected and made a tough job enjoyable with a very satisfy result!

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Homeowner Jonathan Butcher

andrew muirhead
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