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I had to organize all of this job with Mark via telephone and email as i live overseas.
This can automatically make things tricky as you can't talk about a job face to face. It was a fairly big job with a three story house, so high with steep pitch, also a large area of flat roof so not at all straightforward like a bungalow for example.
As you occasionally find with trade jobs, things can be difficult to organize, wrongly priced and a difficult job all round.
Not with Mark though, i did not worry about the job at all and knew that it was getting done well and to the high quality i would expect.
He kept in touch with me at every step of the job, lots of photos and lots of advice.
He was also a very good communicator and quick to reply to emails.
He backs his work up and is always happy to return to check out other problems that i needing repairing always at a fair price and do that little bit extra.
He is going about trying to build his business in exactly the right way.

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Homeowner Johnny Cameron

Mark Molloy
MM Roofing Services

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