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Adjusting legs of an old oak (I think) cabinet

Princes Risborough 

Chris was incredible. He knew straightaway how much this cabinet meant to me very old and fragile oak cabinet which I picked up from France only weeks before (family). It had to be taken a few meters away from a garage across to my cottage which has with very low ceilings. I was very apprehensive and nervous. He said straight away. Trust me I will ask for your help only if I need it and only to move wheels down the steps from time to time. He was not going to take any nonsense from me which would have jeopardised the whole thing. He had given me a price for the work per hour. I could see he was going to take his time and was a little worried at the cost. He really seemed to love this cabinet though !. It took Chris a long long time to get the cabinet inside the cottage. Calculating every inch across to the cottage and down some steps with sets of wheels and wooden planks, calling me as and when I was needed. Once in the cottage he had to lift it and get it upright. He had all the tools ready to shave some of the legs off. Chris managed to lift it up within less than half an inch from the ceiling with the help of pieces of woods, quite amazing. Chris spent many hours at the cottage but only charged me what he had quoted me which was very little for his time. It did not take me long to know this cabinet would find its place in the cottage in one piece. He told me right from the start he took the job for the love of old furniture and cottages...Nothing more to say.... one in a million and a job lovingly done!

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Chris Bohr

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