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Replacement of Bathroom Tiles

Muswell Hill 

From the moment that Carlos walked in the door he showed that he was a considerate builder. He didn't even need me to ask him to take off his shoes he had noted that the there were shoes kept at the door. I liked that he did this and it immediately put me at ease.
Going over the job spec he was able to understand exactly what was needed and very quickly identified what the problem and how he could solve it. He gave me a quote almost immediately which was comparable to the other three quotes I had already got. More importantly he was available to do the work almost immediately.

During the period of doing the job he made sure that he laid down protective plastic over the hallway carpets and in the actual bath over which he was working. This ensured that nothing got scratched or dirty.

The job was done perfectly with Carlos was even offering great advice about how to redo the area in a much more modern and aesthetic way. I am well pleased with the result and with his over all work ethos as the previous builders that did my bathroom whom were rather negligent with regards to the care and consideration that should have been given at the time.

I will definitely use Carlos again and strongly recommend that people use his services

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Homeowner Sherine Lovegrove

Carlos Perez
Indica Tiling

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