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Decorating work in Tadcaster


This has been quite a big project including full redecoration of three rooms and a high hallway. Steve Lock came to see the work and to quote, and he was very helpful in advising us about suitable options; in particular he recommended to strip off the wall paper in the hallway before hanging a new vinyl paper, and he also advised to undertake the full range of jobs in each room, from ceiling and walls to woodwork; we are now very happy that we have followed his advice. The actual decorating job was carried out by two experienced professionals, Steve (another one) and Al. The quality and professional standards of their work are fantastic; they skilfully solved all emerging problems, such as stain blocking of stubborn traces of earlier leaks; PVA-ing walls in the hallway for better adhesion; using a fibre wallrock lining paper in one room to fix and improve the surfaces before painting, etc. etc. I would especially like to praise Steve for all his hard work with wall papering; he is a true professional guaranteed to achieve an exceptional finish. He even removes, and cleans, all radiators before papering walls behind them! Both guys were very friendly and patient while listening to our needs and answering questions, and then always addressing any requests. The usual motto by Steve was "Don't worry, I'll fix that!", which he would do indeed in no time. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this project, and can happily recommend the guys -- you will not be disappointed. We have undertaken quite a few diverse projects on our new home over the past year, but this one was truly The Job Of The Year for us. So I am happy to make my nomination most enthusiastically.

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Homeowner Leonid Bogachev

Duane Langham
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