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Fitting a new bedroom light switch

St Helens 

I needed a new bedroom light switch fitting which is a simple job for an electrician, however, when Andy arrived, he realised that the wiring in my house was old, so, he had to trace the wiring to find out where the loop was that powered the bedoom lights. Soon enough he found that the loop came from the landing light. About a month earlier I had hired a firm from rated people to fit two new, two way switches that could operate the landing light from downstairs as well as up stairs, just like most homes have. After 3 hours the 2 electricians completed the job. I was a bit concerned why it took 2 men 3 hours to do a task that should have taken 30mins. Either way the lights seemed to work fine and I thought nothing more about it. When Andy removed the landing light to trace the wiring that powered the bedroom lights he immediately noticed that the wiring was incorrect and was extremely dangerous, in fact he told me it was that bad that it could of easily caused a fire at any given moment. Andy went onto correct their mistake and then went back to fit my bedroom switch as planned. Now, as we had agreed a price beforehand I asked Andy how much extra I owed him for him correcting the mistake the previous tradesmen from rated people had made. To my suprise he said "it was no problem and there would be no extra charge". I was gobsmacked, not only that, but this is a guy that came out to me on a Saturday morning within 1hr 30mins of me posting the job on my builder. He 100% surpassed all my expectations. Andy not only went above and beyond his call of duty but he is also a true hero. If he had not have corrected the fault from the previous electricians from rated people, it would probably of caused a fire, and, could of easily of kIlled me. Words can't describe how thankful I am to him.

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Andy Mather

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