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Gas safe plumber for downstairs wc and gas work


Russell clearly deserves the award - we found him on MyBuilder, a few weeks before my other half was due to give birth. Or so we thought - I actually posted the job from the hospital waiting room whilst we were being told that she would be giving birth early, in just a few days. Within minutes we had 3 or 4 people interested and after a quick phone call and check of Russell's MyBuilder feedback (which makes trusting tradesmen off the internet extremely easy), we had full confidence in him and his abilities.

Over the next couple of days he helped transform our downstairs space into a liveable, functioning area; installing a downstairs WC where we had ripped out the old kitchen - making safe an old gas pipe and relocating it to the new kitchen area, creating a stud wall, sorting the kitchen and WC plumbing, tiling, installing rads and so on in the process.

What he wasn't bargaining on was us struggling with other tradesmen - worktop fitters letting us down and kitchen fitters also letting us down, and he pitched in and sorted out our worktop and fitted our kitchen for us with a smile (he used to do it a long time ago). He even helped lay the kitchen floor and clean up whilst my other half was in the hospital having given birth, so we could come home to a working kitchen and house.

Russell is a perfect example of someone going above and beyond, and this job a triumph of modern technology that two strangers can connect within minutes on MyBuilder and achieve something so positive against the odds. Absolutely fantastic guy and he even brought me a coffee from Costa in the mornings. He's currently doing our upstairs bathroom and heating in our extension. Cheers MyBuilder.. you really saved the day!

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Homeowner Oliver Gibson

Russell Hebden
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