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Job of the Year 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Trampoline installation

Ottery St Mary 

I'm sure quite a few people would be a bit wary of an advertisement for a little Elf to help assemble a trampoline from Santa under top secret conditions in someone's garden......imagine the pressure!!! Well, good Elf Sam was clearly dispatched straight from the North pole itself as he rose to the occasion admirably! He took great care, contacting me beforehand, to ensure he knew my plan so that he didnt accidentally spoil the Christmas surprise for the recipient. On my return, not only had he done an excellent job assembling the huge construction, but he had single handedly dragged the trampoline a considerable distance to the opposite end of the garden behind some trees in order to help conceal it until Christmas day 2 days later! Miraculously the plan worked and imagine one five year olds delight as they exclaimed , "Look! I can see sleigh tracks on the lawn!!!!!" (From where the trampoline had been moved.) Sam not only did a great job, but managed to bring us some proper Christmas magic too. ☺

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Homeowner Esther

Sam Ingram
TOCH Maintenance

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