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Supply and laying of 20 mm gravel to garden


George and his colleage were fantastic. We actually enjoyed being around when they were working and bought them a case of beer each at the end of the job as an extra thanks.
The job.... they dug our entire garden up ( lots of clay), handmade amazing planters and built planters and a bench into the fence down the side. Relaid our patio straight, jet washed all our decking, emptied and moved our hot tub, helped build a lady shed, cleaned the front garden, laid stunning slate and then .... came back in spring and filled our planters with top soil and compost free! We recommended him to our elderly neighbour as George went far above and beyond. What we got from him was amazing. He really made us happy. We had an amazing summer in our garden thanks to him and have invited him back to quote for substantial further work next week. They were also a joy to be around. Very polite and professional. Extremely clean and respectful and in no way took the Mickey with tea and lunch breaks. We were sorry to see them go.

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Homeowner Emma Hamilton

George Smith

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