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install electric lampost in garden


This job was to install 3 lampposts around our gardens. we had just met Nicholas and arranged the job details. The following afternoon our electricity went completely off. The only other electrician we knew was away--- so we called Nicholas at around 6pm and asked for his help. He was on a job some miles away but would be here as soon as he could--what relief!! At around 8pm he arrived--found the fault and did what he had to do. We found later that he had an evening out planned but had changed it because he didn't want us to be without electricity overnight [we are both pensioners and have disabilities] as it could be dangerous. Nicholas would not take payment for that night , he just added a very small amount to our final bill.
We would recommend Nicholas to anyone, his work is tidy and he is a very polite & friendly, caring person. He is invaluable !

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Nicholas James
Nicholas James Electrical Ltd

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