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Remove internal wall & brick up doorway


Adam has been just brilliant. I took a punt on him to brick up our back door and make a new doorway and window because of positive MyBuilder reviews, and he did a super job. It gave me total confidence in him, and -- with a lot of work to do on the house -- he immediately became my go-to builder for everything: new roof, repointing, demolishing the garage, ... He's even got help in when I've asked him for things that weren't really in his repertoire; he and his mate built us a stone back wall (which needed to look right -- we're in a conservation area -- he even took me down to the reclamation yard to pick out some coping stones to make sure that he got ones I'd be happy with). And then he and his gardening mate re-landscaped the garden (raised beds, paths, etc.), which was a new one for him. He has done a fantastic job every time and is totally reliable. Plus he's always in a good mood, even when it's freezing and chucking down with rain and he's having to spend all day climb around on a roof three storeys up!

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Homeowner Helen Beebee

Adam Bradley
A.B. Building and Roofing

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