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rebecca dickinson


Once upon a time, this was our garden where me and my little sister played. Then Mummy said we were going to have another baby. We were all excited, but the problem was our house was too small.
So some builders came and bashed to make an expension. It was a bit worse than we expected and the garden got all messed up too. We had to live in a caravan for a bit, which was really not much fun.
Luckily, we came home just before my baby sister was born. She’s got two teeth now but we still don’t have a garden. Our playhouse is shipwrecked in the mud and the flowers and grass have all been extincted. There’s a massive dent in the ground too. It looks like a meteor landed there. Cool.
Mummy says we need to make flowerbeds with wood around the edges, so we can grow stuff. She wants to plant things that smell nice like freesias, jasmine, honeysuckle and lavender - stuff to make the butterflies and the bees come back. And she wants to make boxes to grow herbs and salad in. Me and my sister want to grow strawberries because they taste better than lettuce. Daddy wants to have barbecues. I really hope we win because I don't think mummy and daddy have got the time, money or energy to get our garden back.
Here’s what we need.
Rotavator - £50
Top Soil - £100
Turf - £300
Sleepers and screws - £290
Plants, trees and flowers - £250
Tea and biscuits for the workers - £10
Total: £1000
(And if there’s any change - a sandpit that cats can’t poo in.)

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Win a grand for your garden 2013 - COMPETITION CLOSED

This competition is NOW CLOSED.

In 2013, we congratulated Jon Mason of Beaworthy in Devon, who won a grand for his garden after notching up 765 votes from the public. Jon beat over 200 other entrants to win the prize and was selected from a shortlist of 12 by the MyBuilder team.

The prize covered materials and a MyBuilder landscape gardener up to the value of £1,000.