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CARLI goodfellow


This is my nephew, Raphael (4) on his first visit to our new house.

"I like it here Auntie Carli - But your garden is a bit like the farm. I can see poo and hay but no lambs?"

Unfortunately he was right! And we haven't moved to a farm house! He had simply discovered our 'lawn' of very dead and very overgrown weeds and long grass, coupled with what we presume is the neighbor's dogs toilet area of choice!

So why do we deserve to win? Why is our tale of garden woe more worthy than the next?

It's simple. We're human. We've taken on rather more than we can chew and although normally not one to ask for help, I think this is the time we have to!

My hubby is a pro ironman triathlete, along with running the family business , and I too run my own firm and am 4 months pregnant so between us, the hours we're awake there's so little time! ...And we've just bought this house... which is falling down around us but we love it.... and the garden is a wreck and has no fences and is currently so unkempt that my nephew thinks it's a farmyard!

So please please pick us! I'd love to have Raph and his little sister Eti over to play on a gorgeous lawn, to pick fresh veges from a little patch and to spot fish that I swear are alive in our pond if I could just see through the pond weeds...

x Carli

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Win a grand for your garden 2013 - COMPETITION CLOSED

This competition is NOW CLOSED.

In 2013, we congratulated Jon Mason of Beaworthy in Devon, who won a grand for his garden after notching up 765 votes from the public. Jon beat over 200 other entrants to win the prize and was selected from a shortlist of 12 by the MyBuilder team.

The prize covered materials and a MyBuilder landscape gardener up to the value of £1,000.