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Aisha Newcombe


Hi I would like to say my kids deserve a garden to play in .. I am a single mum who moved into my place with my kids last year after haveing to move .. I have trying desperately to sort the inside out and the outside as well .. As looking after my boy with asd/ADHD witch is very very hard !!. My days start from 6 and go on to 12.30 at night trying to make my house and gardens and take care off my children and my kids used to live in our old garden put a lot off time and money and was so upset to leave behind ... My boy with asd/adhd still go out evey min and plays in this mess..(witch i don,t stop him as vilote to my others )my others will not go out to I have sorted my 2 yr old gets upset because just wants to go out and play . I very ashamed and want to make it good for them .. Some deacking .. Grass for they pool some flower beds ..only thing stopping me is finding money as pouring it in to the house and our rescuerd ponies quicker than can get together .. Usely would never enter anything like this but be great to c my kids have somewhere nice and safe to play .. And somewhere to just take half hour and go and relax after very long day...

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Win a grand for your garden 2013 - COMPETITION CLOSED

This competition is NOW CLOSED.

In 2013, we congratulated Jon Mason of Beaworthy in Devon, who won a grand for his garden after notching up 765 votes from the public. Jon beat over 200 other entrants to win the prize and was selected from a shortlist of 12 by the MyBuilder team.

The prize covered materials and a MyBuilder landscape gardener up to the value of £1,000.