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Rosaria Motyka


Hi this is my garden nitemare. I am 58 and have disabilities that make walking in uneven places dangerous for me, I am also originally from California and grew up on a farm . so I was so excited 5 yrs ago when we finally got this home with front and back gardens after living 4 yrs in a terrace house . I grew up on a farm and love gardening. We have done part of our Front garden so it is Safe for me and my dogs, that are all 4 rescues we aquired since we moved here 5 yrs ago. but as from the Photo you can see my back garden is not safe for me or my dogs .. they have recently put up new 6 ft fencing on all but the one side where we share privets with the neighbors. so my dogs can still get out of the garden round to the street and be in danger. With my fibromyalgia and Arthritis I suffer with Chronic pain and Depression. So one of the best things for me is when weather is nice to be out in my garden .. maybe having a green house with some veggies and some pots with plants. and to be able to have family BBQ's . With only Hubby working the last few yrs we haven't been able to afford to fix this for me, nor does he have time to do it with work and helping me with certain needs and looking after our doggies. So it would be like a Dream come true for me to open my curtains and see a nice garden with pavers and rocks all level and safe for me and a place where the dogs on nice days. Where I could go out and putter with plants pots or what have you and enjoy this garden that is a disaster right now.. and it is something beyond my means to fix..this would mean the world to me to win this and it would so help with me fighting my depression and actually give me a new lease on life, as it would change the Quality of life for me to beable to enjoy my garden. Thank you any who vote for me.. ZaZa

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