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Jo Jacks


I have no heart wrenching story we are just a normal (ish) young (apart from the husband) Family.
We moved into our private rented accommodation in December and were given free permission to do what we want with it.
Well perfect excuse for the hubbie to go find another Powell tool he hasn't used before and start chopping down some trees and bushes (of course leaving all the stumps behind cause that's how it's supposed to look right?)

I could beg, plead. The honest fact is I just want a nice garden to sit in and enjoy a glass of wine on the one day of summer we will get, without wanting to murder my husband for the mess he has made ..........sorry ignore that. I mean a want a safe garden for my 1 year old daughter to enjoy now she has turned into the Tasmania devil and head buts things that are in sight, and those that are not.
oooo honestly we all just need somewhere we can relax and play, and ignore the real world every now and then.

Thank you for taking the time to read my entry (moan) hope the photo uploaded correctly.

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