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Tania Jones


Here is our garden, or should I say lack of it! I've numbered the issues we have. 1. There is a tree, it broke off in a storm and fell sideways. It currently lays over the neighbours fence and ours. 2. This tree is OVER 70ft high! The whole tree line has been an issue. Many of the branches falling down and smashing the glass greenhouse we had. The tree's have been sealed off from both gardens and I know the elderly owner would be grateful to see them brought to a safe condition. We do maintain this side as much as we can reach 3. The tree's that belonged to the council were recently cut down. We now have a lovely BROWN screen along the length of the garden to the left. Before we just had shade and LOTS of it. Damp, wet, mossy and dangerous when the leaves started rotting away. You could slide 5 foot on it at times! 4. thick as two broom handles some of them. They love this area. We have tried to clear them out as much as we can but we fight a constant battle. 5. Nettles. We've done our bit over the years to try and burn them out, pull them out and spray them out! 6. The glass greenhouse. When the panes were smashed by the falling branches from the high tree, we managed to take off the glass and recycle it. The frame however was put in on a concrete base and bolted down. We've tried to pull it and break it but it is fighting back! 7. The planks of wood blocking the old gate (now missing) that led out into the park. It is blocked by the chainlink fence the council put up the length of the park the other side of our brick fence. We had planned to put these up around the low level brick fence to keep our dog in and other dogs out. But we just don't have the skill or the ability to do it!

Hubby has had a total knee replacement about 2 years ago due to arthritis in his right knee. Last year it became infected and he was in hospital for weeks. No chance of gardening as his other knee is also very arthritic and needs replacing. But that can't be done until he has sorted the other knee out! He has cysts in the sciatic area of his pelvis. They press on the sciatic nerve if he stands too long or walks too long. So long term gardening or DIY is out of the question now. He has just retired too. We would love to see the back garden fenced properly, the trees cut down to a better and safer level and the remains of the shed out of sight for good! I can't safely let our dog out into the area, especially if it is windy for fear of a branch snapping off again and coming down on her! Or it hitting one of us and injuring or killing us! We want to be able to put a BBQ up there and maybe a little summer house to sit in and relax. To walk out and see chaos, brown dead branches, high nettles and thick brambles is depressing! Instead of nettles I'd like to see wild flowers and herb planters and a safe fence around the 3 sides.

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