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sarah green


Does this look disastrous? Yes and no. Let me explain we moved here in december 2014. It needed everything all walls were plastered we did the floors decorating bought a fence it was a shell originally. We begged and borrowed to get this house right for our 4 children to give them a home to be proud of, somewhere safe to live. We live in council property unable to buy in current economy a minimum wage family boo hoo u say? Maybe? However this house was so important to us as a family for six years our entire youngest child's life we lived in a terrible area unable to move with drugs paedophiles and a raging alcoholic for a neighbour. We continually bidded for property had meetings to try to get help until finally we got this house in a lovely area with nice neighbours. But for those 6 years my children never played in their garden no ball no picnic no planting vegetables. I never thought it was to much to ask for my children to be able to play in their own garden and felt like I had let my children down that I was a bad mother I felt helpless!! When we got this house the first thing my children said was we can play in the garden it made me cry. To give them that, a childhood of playing in their own garden is our dream. I don't have the money a simple lawn is fine nothing fancy just let my children play please!!! They put up with so much these last six years my kids are 6,7,9,13. Please grant our wish put a smile on their faces. Please help me give my children their childhood their play area. I don't like to beg but I will beg as much as you want to give them this. Thank you to anyone and all who vote👬👭🌼

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