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Magical Garden Makeover

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John Gosling


I am long term disabled, and my back garden needs a lot of work. I have lived on my own for many years now too. I had a very nasty motorbike crash when I was young and stupid. Multiple fractures to my pelvis, damaged internal organs, severe damage to C5 and C6 of my vertabrae too. I have on going Chronic Pain Management and mental health issues. As I also had a very traumatic event when I was about eleven years old, will not tell you the gruesome details but I was never mentally the same again. I still have to have a doctor consultation every month as I have '18!' different types of medication every month for various physical & mental issues. No exaggeration there either. I could prove it with photos of my repeat prescription. I was very lucky to survive my motorbike crash.
If you look closely, at the bottom of my garden there is a huge tree stump. Well the removal of my asbestos garage cost me £700, and it cost £2,500 to have the massive train embankment tree cut down too. So money is a bit short at the moment. It would be really nice to just have a lawn, so I can actually sit in my back garden on sunny days. Cheers everyone.
Sincere thanks to anyone who takes the time to vote for my job to be done.

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  • Tracey 5 months ago

    I wish you all the best, John. Good luck!


  • Denise 5 months ago

    It would be fantastic. If John had a beautiful garden he could injoy has he is disabled and can’t manage it himself thank you .


  • Jane Fones Bilewicz 5 months ago

    Good luck