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Magical Garden Makeover

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Dawn Fergus


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Date: 29 April 2018 at 00:10:55 BST
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In July 2015 I found my true love, I finally felt truly loved, respected and felt my dreams had all come true. I have a teenage daughter and son, and he has teenage daughter. I downsized my council Home due to the potential of the house to be able to buy and extend in order for all 5 of us plus the dog to live comfortably. Following a serious arguement, in November 2016 we broke up, totally heartbroken and shattered still to this day, I deeply miss them. Since that day my life has been a huge struggle, I hit rock bottom, I still have a heavy feeling in my heart, empty, but I have just learnt to deal with what has happened better. From a get up and go, motivated, love gardening , appreciated life for all the things that mattered most, as challenging as life could be I have always looked for the positive in a negative situation, however following what happened I found it very hard to be positive. I love gardening and we worked hard on the front garden,when we were still together I manage to keep it looking neat with a big push things do not come naturally and I strive to return to the person I used to be, people pass by and say how lovely the front looks. However, the back is another story, it is a large garden I manage to maintain the grass cutting and weeding at a push. Originally from the very back of the garden there was some raised decking which we demolished, underneath was tons of rubble and mud, which took over a course of a few weeks to bag and take to the dump. To be able to relax in a beautiful garden would mean a great deal and my children, I would find this very therapeutic at the moment I just look at it not knowing how I will ever get this garden to look filled with tlc.

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