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Jyoti Rambhai


My garden needs a makeover because it is plain, barren and generally lacks life. Both my parents are approaching retirement and I would like them to have a garden they are proud of and can enjoy.

The garden itself is mostly just grass. We have three apple trees and a small area near the front which is paved with broken slabs. Much of the grass has overgrow all the way to fence boundaries - this used to be where we once had some shrubs and rose bushes. Grass has also grown over what used to be two feature areas, which my parents were unable to maintain.

My Dad has sciatica, which affects the lower back, and as a result he is often unable to do much gardening. He struggles with digging and lifting heavy objects. Although my Mum does try, there is only so much one person can do - particularly as our garden is rather large. Often what happens is she focuses on a little area each year, where she will plant a few flowers - then rest is just left. And now that she is getting older, she is struggling with her joints.

Having a garden makeover would mean the world to my parents. It would be somewhere they can sit, work, read, host family meals/ BBQs (something my Mum is so keen to do, but never has, because of the state of the garden) and generally just enjoy. It would also mean that when they do retire, they have somewhere beautiful to relax.

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  • Amy Willoughby 1 year ago

    Fingers crossed for you xx


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