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Tim Rudge


My son and his lovely partner have just bought a new house. They move in to their new home at the end of June and in the meantime have moved out of their flat to live with me to save money.
They have stretched everything possible to get on the housing ladder using the 'help to buy' and saving almost every penny just to get the house.
They will have an empty, very unlevel back garden. Part of the buying process was to be offered a back garden 'shaping' which included turfing and some planting. They simply could not afford this option and as such they get a garden that has not been tendered at all. They even step out of the back doors on to soil!
They are both working long hours and have asked me to help sort out the garden.
I will of course, but armed with a spade and a rake the results will be limited and will take a long time. It would be better turfed than seeded but it is all a matter of cost.
I would love to give them a garden they can enjoy as part of their new home but I am not sure this will be possible.
If I were to win (more like they win) it would be such a thrill to see their faces if they could have a professionally designed and completed garden.
Anyway worth a try and thankyou.

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