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Ben The Cat Campbell


Oh purrlease purrlease purrlease can you help us?

My hoomans need you. My hoomans daddy is disabled and my feeder (he calls her wife) is his fulltime carer ... and not too healthy herself.
They do what they can, but currently have to use some of his disability payments to pay for a gardener to come in and cut our grass. We are all in a disabled property with an oversized garden that they simply can’t manage, but it is a nice hunting ground for birdies and micies.

Part of my hoomans problems are Agoraphobia and PTSD. He struggles with going out and interacting with others in public and suffers with severe panic attacks and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES). Our home is my hoomans “safe place” and my garden is his only real escape into the “outside world”. I like him being out here with me. The bungalow is too small for more than a 3 or 4 hoomans, so my garden can be somewhere “safe” that he can start interacting with people again. It can also be somewhere calming to help with his MH issues.

Being on benefits means any budget they have will be minimal. However, my hoomans are really very keen on reusing/repurposing other things. For example, the entire 9m x 3m deck and pergola they made "just for me" to climb on are made from recycled/reclaimed wood. I like it so allow them to use it now and again as a show of gratitude.

My garden is a blank canvas for you to play with. Have a look at the pictures/video and tell my hoomans what you think. They did try to create a bee and butterfly friendly area called "The Wild" at the back of the garden.
I love “The Wild” mainly because it is now full of rabbits for me to chase and I love the deck and pergola that they built from reclaimed wood. Everything else is fair game ….. although I think the hoomans would like to keep the apple tree, even if it needs to be moved.

What they really need is something Low maintenance, a relaxing space, easy to move around (hoomans daddy sometimes uses a wheelchair). A safe, calming, private space that can sometimes also be used for entertaining small groups of family and occasional friends. Must be cat friendly too!

My feeders Blog with info about her and hoomans daddy:-

Here is a short video my feeder did to show you:-

Really hope to hear from you soon and hope you can help us.

Ben "The Cat" Campbell

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  • Phil M 8 months ago

    Best of luck to Kitty!


  • Helen Campbell 8 months ago

    Lets hope, fingers crossed, you deserve a little bit of help.


  • Annabelle 8 months ago



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