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Elaine Manna

Finsbury Park 

I am 71 and very visually impaired. I jumped out of a plane in 2016 to help raise money for research into this blind disease. I wanted to give something back to Moorfields for many years of personal on-going Care. I have only a very small garden but sensory plants would mean a lot to me. The big problem is my garden as a bit of a slope and I have to stand two legs if my little patio set in two plant pots with stones in them. This doesn’t do the job really as the chairs are still sloping and uneven. It needs some patio squares laid to have a flat surface. Also Berkleys have been building tall blocks right in front of me and residents will be able to look right into my garden. Anything that provides privacy would be so very welcome. I look after my garden the best I can but it could be much improved. The ground has got all sorts of stones and lumps of concrete under it and I find it extremely hard to dig with a spade or a fork. I have had so much stress with all the buildings, pile drivers and constant lorries going up and down. It’s my little bit of paradise and I know it could be designed better. The grass is poor and I’ve tried to dig all the weeds out. I feel sure that there will be far more worthier causes than mine but having a level garden, privacy and lovely grass and a sensory feast would be my dream. Scents as so important to me as I have only a little sight in one eye. I have had Age Relatef Macular degeneration for years so wonderful scented plants are very important to my quality of life. I would be so grateful to sit in a wonderful little garden where I can find peace. Such an oasis would be so gratefully accepted. Thank you for reading this.

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  • Pauline Mason 8 months ago

    Elaine so deserves this. She battles on to do what she can in her little garden. I worry about the slope and the way She props up the table. It is a mine field for someone who has only a bit of sight in one eye. The way her garden is is an accident waiting to happen. Elaine never asks for anything normally but her little garden means the world to her but it is clearly unsafe and I fear she is going to trip and physically hurt herself.


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