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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Antony Bodger


A small Concrete urban garden.
I have been thrilled to see the increase in wild birds in the space since I have been putting out feeders, and want to transfer that ecology into the rest of the garden.
It's a small space, can be hot in summer, and needs to balance my storage and planting needs.
I would love to plant a roof lawn on a bike shed, and raise my beds to make the maintenance easier.
Currently the biggest bed (a former pond) is only 12inches or so deep as the pond was simply filled in with soil.
I have tried to improve the soil by having a wormery and it has benefitted from it.
What I need is the help to design and create a small yet beautifully formed garden.
thanks for reading

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