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Alexandra Rowe


Hi everyone, my name's Alex and I would like to vote for my mum's back garden to have a makeover. My mum has lived in her home for 25 years myself too until just over a year ago when I fell pregnant with my little girl and moved in with my partner. My little girl has a variety of birth defects one including heart surgery 4 weeks ago. She has also had surgery at 3 months old to fix her club feet. My daughter is now 8 months old and is starting to find her ways with crawling. With myself only being 24 I feel so young an get scared at times with my daughter and all's I want is my mum, i spend more times at my mum's house than what I do my own. My mum's back garden has never been nice due to her being a single mother bringing up 3 children on her own plus working full time an now she has two granddaughters one being my niece who is now 17 months old. When I visit my mum's we don't let the children play in the garden much and if we do it's a close eye on them every second. It's flagged right through solid concrete and not a very safe environment for young children and especially with my little girl needing extra care. I would love for my mum to get her garden done and I think her niebours would too as there's are all lovely. It would be a dream come true for my mum to have a nice garden and it would be for us (her children) and now her grandchildren to have a happy playful colourful and safe garden to spend many more years making memories without any worry. So please if anyone could spare a vote it would be appreciated. And it would be nice to give my mum something back and show that people care. Much love and many thanks xx

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  • Becky hart 8 months ago

    Couldn't think of a better family to win! Good luck❤️X


  • Emma Dunn 8 months ago



  • Ariadne freeman 8 months ago

    Hope you get it girly!i will share with friends and family good luck 😉


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