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My Garden needs a Makeover.We moved into a house that needed loads doing to it 2.5 years ago and whilst we've done loads, the garden has been neglected. The rear garden is mainly laid to lawn, it is however sinking and has a massive dip which is obviously old works just covered over by the previous owners without any due regard for the sub-surface.We would love to have a place to leave the garden furniture out, decking and enjoy our outdoor space etc but just can't afford it as we're still working on the house for which the term "money pit" aptly applies and a wife with expensive and expansive tastes is testing my normally placid resolve to the limits.
So, is there a way of getting a landscape gardening company to makeover the garden on the cheap/free so they can use it as a show garden? Or are there any garden makeover TV shows that need a desperate candidate? It is in a beautiful setting would be very photogenic. We can afford tea/coffee and cakes to your hearts content for the individual garden magicians undertaking the works.

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  • friend 8 months ago

    Get a hot tub so we can share the view.


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