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Christine Lees


My daughter's got a big garden and it really needs a big garden makeover she has got a severely disabled son who has quadriplegic spastic celebral palsy right sided hemplegia scoliosis jordan is also waiting to have a 10 hour operation on his spine but before they do that he has got to be tube fed to see if he can put any weight on is condition is life threatening his skin has also started to break down because he is seriously underweight and autism asthma and tube feeds and wheelchair bound and cannot get in the garden my daughter is a one parent family and can't do it on her own she also has a daughter aged 12 this would be very nice to have something done to her garden I am the Nan of Jordan lockley

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  • Stuart lees 8 months ago

    I know how much jordy loves being outside at his nans. please help out.


  • Helen 8 months ago

    He real need it x


  • Charlotte 8 months ago

    Hope he gets it.


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