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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Aimee Booker


Please help us turn our garden into somewhere we can enjoy as a family, we have a two year old little boy who loves so much to play outside and the garden is just not safe enough for him to do so.

We’ve tried our best to keep it tidy by mowing the lawn, planting some flowers (which have pretty much all died) and keeping the deck clear so our son has some space to play on the few garden toys he has but we just can't enjoy it as a family with everything that is wrong with it and trust me there’s a lot wrong with it!

There are many things that we need to fix and between finding the money and time to it all is unfortunately just beyond our reach.

We've compiled a list of what needs “fixing" in our garden.

• Fence panels are rotten and falling apart. (picture 1)
• Bind weed, sticky plants and thistles are growing everywhere where flowers should be.
• The decking is crumbling away and weeds are able to grow underneath it. (picture 2)
• Our shed is very old, we also can’t close the door to keep things safe. However the shed is the only thing holding up the wall that’s behind it as this has cracked and broken apart. (picture 3)
• The lawn is on a slight slope with mostly dandelions for grass so perfect for the Guinea pig but not for playing on.
• The garden furniture will probably give you splinters if you sit there too long!

The only positive with the garden is that when the sun does come out you can enjoy it pretty much until late evening which is lovely in the summer.

We just need a little help in making it the best it can possibly be, a fun play area, somewhere to enjoy a bbq with family and an all round relaxing environment. :o)

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  • Kate 5 months ago

    This would be amazing!!


  • Tina Waterfield 5 months ago

    Good luck 👍


  • Carolyn scott 5 months ago

    A little bit of help goes a long way x