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Rebecca Hands


Our Garden needs a make over because this year we lost our first born child to a rare heart condition called TAPVD. This was an undiagnosed condition and he went through major heart surgery four times in his very short life of only making it to two months old. When he sadly passed away on the 6.4.18. This has been an extremely difficult time for myself and my fiancé as we had to make huge decisions. Alongside this My fiancé Oliver had discovered a tumour within his testicle area and has had to have major surgery removing the testicle and we are waiting to see if the tumour is cancerous.
This has meant that we have had 5 months out of work meaning that our funds are low to spend on the house. This has been an horrendous time for us and we have not been able to grieve for our son properly due to Oliver having his surgery. We have also been told that if we were to have any other children we will now need IVF as Olivers fertility has been impacted from surgery and the tumour.

Sitting in the garden has been our only escape from all this madness. Our garden isn't hurrendous but it's in need of some TLC . I would love a pond for Oliver who is a big fisherman but unfortunately hasn't been able to leave the house due to his operation.

It would be really nice for us to have some where to sit away from all the other families that are happily enjoying the time with there children and healthy family. As we feel we have been targeted with such hurrendous luck. It's Heart breaking every single day leaving the house without our son, but yet to attend horrible hospital appointments for Oliver.

We would love our garden to be able to reflect the happiness that our son brought us with lots of blooming flowers and water features. To help us try and get through our grief but help Oli on his journey with his tumour.

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