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Magical Garden Makeover

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Jacqueline Chance


Our 5 year old pond developed a leak and because the liner was still in guarantee period the suppliers sent us a new liner. Problem is the pond was never level and needs sorting out with new landscaping around the sides to make it less heron friendly but more child friendly. We have the liner, the pump, the rockery stones, the filter with UV. We just need the manpower to help us recreate our beautiful pond and waterfall. Instead we currently have this area of 'mess' which needs sorting out. Even if we filled the hole in and made it just a garden we couldn't afford the materials or the labour costs.
My husband is 65 in August and not the man physically that he was 5 years ago. He has had a knee replacement which didn't work. He has hip issues. My husband is no longer able to go to work because of his physical problems and we have no money to live let alone to spend on hiring someone or completing the work that needs doing.
My sons helped him do some of the digging 5 years ago. Sadly one son died shortly after the pond was completed and the other is now married with two children, one of whom is only 10 days old so his time is taken.
I would love for this work to be undertaken with minimal input by my husband as there is so much digging and general heavy work to be undertaken to remake the pond.
Over the years my husband has spent so much time and effort on the other side of this garden which looks really lovely.
He used to enjoy sitting by the pond of an evening watching the fish and the wildlife it attracted. It is sadly now empty and an eyesore.
I am submitting photos of my pond as it was before the leak. I could not get a photo of the pond as it is now to upload.

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