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Magical Garden Makeover

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Nadine Clair


We recently moved in to our new home, and couldn't wait to start on our garden for the children when the weather improved, however the plans changed when
My 14 month old daughter was diagnosed with a progressive eye disease called Coats disease. Sadly the disease has taken the sight in one eye already, and she's now due to start continuous treatment at the end of May.
Since finding out we have set up an awareness group to make sure parents are aware of the possible signs of child hood eye diseases. We have been promoting good eye health care day in day out. All of our efforts have been funded by myself to save other children from sight loss or even death. Violets Glow is a non profit group. It was made to try and raise awareness as well as make important changes to childrens eye care. There is currently no eye checks between 6 weeks and 4 yrs. If these checks were done early detection of diseases could be possible, and more children wouldn't lose their sight or lives.
After these changes in circumstances, unfortunately the garden has become the last thing on our list, even though with the summer months here, it would be lovely to have been the top of the list!
My daughter has difficulty around the house and garden with depth perception, and loosing her step regularly due to the sight loss. Our garden is very uneven, full of tree stumps and a patio thats seen better days. I would love a safe haven Garden, for Violet to play safe and have lots of sensory items to enjoy.
We have been working hard in raising awareness and providing support to others through Violets Glow, so would be lovely to have something for Violet.
Life has been extremely difficult for us all at the moment and this would just be an absolute life changing gift.
Please vote for Violet, she's an amazing fighter that deserves the moon and stars and more!

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  • Anna Hennessey 5 months ago

    We should do all we can to help out in this situation.


  • Bradley Shaw 5 months ago

    Good luck x


  • Mollie Rutlidge 5 months ago

    Good luck x