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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Vivienne Bent


My garden needs a makeover becauseMy son who has Severe learning disability and Autism currently resides in a self contained flat which is a lonely environment apart from carer’s going in to support him. He has no out door area at all

I have been working tirelessly renovating a house for the past 2 years for him to share with other learning disabled and Autistic young people. The garden was one of the biggest attractions to getting this house. I have managed to take out the overgrown conifers by the lorry load and am now left with a blank canvas but very little funds to complete the journey in making the outdoor area part of the house living space. Being learning disabled and Autistic has its many challenges in daily life and I wanted the Garden to provide a tranquil haven for activities and zones where he and his house mates can have time out to unwind when things in daily life become too much to handle.

As a single mum the journey so far has been a lonely uphill struggle but I have a vision and winning this make over will not only give my son but another 3 young people a outdoor space to enjoy their lives.


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  • Amanda Peak 5 months ago

    Vivienne's love and devotion for her son is reflected in the beautiful home that she has created, which will cater for his and the other residents disabilities. A garden makeover would add another sanctuary into their lives and Vivienne's gratitude would be eternal.


  • Tina Peak 5 months ago

    Vivienne has totally transformed a run down house into a beautiful home for her precious son in order to improve the quality of his life and others with disabilities. A garden make over would complete the project and would benefit the residents enormously.


  • Veronica 5 months ago

    Good luck Viv..... you are an incredible and amazing woman x