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Hayleigh Bridges


I would like to nominate my Mums garden. Unfortunately my Mums garden is too big for her. It was an amazing garden to have growing up but now we're older and have moved out it's just too much for her to manage. Especially since she's had both her shoulders and collar bone operated on (another is possibly needed). She has always wanted a patio area and some decking to take away the big area of grass that needs cutting. She has worked really hard to bring me and my brother up on her own after our dad passed away so it would be amazing to win this for her. She deserves somewhere nice to relax!! X

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  • Martin Donaldson 8 months ago

    Definitely worthy of the garden makeover


  • Linda Morton 8 months ago

    Good luck! A big garden is very hard to manage alone and it would be lovely to have it sorted and easy to maintain. X


  • Sharyn Rutterford 8 months ago

    Good luck!


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