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Erika Rinaldi


The weeds have taken over! I am trying to get to a point where my garden is easier to maintain and we can actually enjoy the garden as a family. Even getting to a point where the garden is safer for the children (age 3 years & 7 months) would be good, the slabs at the back are uneven and a serious trip hazard, there is a gap in the fence where my son can squeeze through into the field and there are lots of nettles, brambles, thistles etc. A nice safe, colourful garden that I can sit in and actually relax would be great!

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  • Irene Birse 8 months ago

    it's lovely children gardening and growing their own fruit and vegetables. Always have a little spot where they can grow things. Low maintenance so your can enjoy your time in the garden with the family.


  • hazel birse 8 months ago

    You have my vote :)


  • Antony 8 months ago

    That’d be great!


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