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Terry Donovan


My Name is TERRY DONOVAN I am 81 yrs young
When we moved to SOUTH WALES in 1976 I was an avid Gardener, We also showed BOXER DOGS, & I worked away a great deal of the time so over the years I Paved the back garden for their benefit. Later we also obtained more ground at the rear of the garden hoping to have more room for the dogs it never emerged and is now just a Jungle. We still have on old girl 11 1/2 yrs young, who like me has trouble getting around now
As I have grown older I have not been able to work the ground as I used to Due to a poor Heart & dodgy legs. The paving is now very uneven & the Conifer Trees at one side which belong to my Neighbour but over hang my wall and keep the light out & the rain negligent for my Hanging Baskets ( no that's not me although I have been called that many times over the years). Also the conifers half way across at the back of the garden are now very high & I am frightened that in a high wind they may fall over.
I try to grow some flowers in Baskets & free standing Pots, trying also to keep the weeds down.
Well that's my story, I will now keep my fingers crossed as well as my legs ((with difficulty ) hoping to be lucky.
Regards to ALL
Thank You
Maureen & Terry

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    Needs a helping hand


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    Good luck


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