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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Rita Lamy


I need MAGIC in my garden! I have done a lot of work in my garden over the years since I retired from nursing to Bispham in 2014 with my Brit spouse. Unfortunately, my bones are creaking more now than they did then. We really only have one section that we cannot live with anymore, and the gnomes and fairies are on strike for better working conditions. I think they just want more gin and nectar.
Our rear garden fence borders the local school yard, so there is a lot of white noise, (and screams) when the children are outdoors. Our neighbors also border us on each side with only a 1.5 meter high fence separation. It has become one of those constant 'I see you' moments. It would be so lovely to have a haven with more privacy for us. I do not have any catchy phrases to solicit votes, except for the following
PSA (Public Service Announcement):
Nurses Week is in May.
I expect a gift if you have ever called/texted me any of the following:
-can you look at this?
-is it catchy?
-am I in labor?
-should I call my doctor?
-do you think I need stitches?
-what is this rash?
-should I go to the A&E?
the answer to all the above is usually "No"
But since I have never won anything, I thought I would include it.
Thank you one and all.

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  • Larry Autotte 6 months ago

    Rita’s yard looks amazing, obviously having undergone a substantial input of creative energy! While I speak from a distance (New England), Rita has kept me well abreast of the progress in her yard via a series of terrific “in-progress” photos...WOW! A fantastic turnaround from initial photos three years prior. Very Well Done Indeed, Rita! Sincerest best wishes Rita to turn “WOW” into "WIN"! Hugs, Larry


  • Christine Pye 6 months ago

    Rita has worked hard in her garden since they moved in. The whole garden was very neglected and overgrown with rampant weeds and rotting bushes. She has done well with a limited budget and does not have the best of health. She enjoys spending time outside in the garden, loves to barbecue and just chill out .


  • Glenys Brierley 6 months ago

    Rita has worked hard in the garden but due to various health problems hasn’t been able to complete. As she loves to be able to sit outside she would really appreciate help to finish it. Also some privacy from school children and neighbours would be gratefully appreciated.