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Teresa Collins


my garden needs a makeover because we moved in 2 yrs ago it had been seriously neglected for 17 yrs, we cleared, dug out most of the brambles, chopped down out of control trees, still removing stumps, spent so much on renovating the bungalow, had no funds left to do garden, have managed to rescue some of the lawn, have to cut with a strimmer, takes ages as too lumpy for mower due to holes where we removed bramble roots, garden in 2 tiers done top with potted plants from dobbies to bring some much needed colour to old concrete patio, having a nice garden to sit in and enjoy nature would be pure heaven, backing onto a farm we get lots of birds,as a result of the feeders we put out, foxes, even a badger pops in,we have to watch from a window to admire the wildlife that visit, 2 yrs running have fed baby foxes, both enjoy listening to the birds, the fresh air, nowhere suitable to sit, both patio's uneven where we removed tree stumps,a makeover would give us a garden to treasure, we both work long hrs now to save the money for the garden, have little time to spend work out there, my husband wants his own veg patch, we managed to grow some nice leeks in a small patch dug over by my sister in law, started building a a shed down the side of bungalow with view points to watch shy animals without disturbing them, sadly our builder is now fighting cancer, it was halted, it's depressing to see when we know it could look so good, we need a small pond to house our crested newts but have no idea how to go about it, we feel truly blessed to have them, want to make them part of our garden for good, with our long hrs and stressful lives it would be magic to have a nice garden to sit in, chill have a cuppa, enjoy the lighter nights and keep tidy, we done the front garden a year ago are reaping the benefits, passers by and neighbours in the village have complimented on how lovely it looks,took us a year of hard slog to get it that way if only we could have the back the same.

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