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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Janet Macintosh


My garden has a large slope. I ideally would love a garden makeover to level it out. I try to make it as natural as possible and give wIldlife a home. I find with the slope I am lost for ideas with what do do with the space at the top of the garden. I have tried to put stones up there but this became overgrown with weeds (and not very nature friendly). Then planted grass but too difficult to mow with the slope. I would like a pond for the birds etc and the top would be ideal but it’s the means to do this. I also would like at some point to get a small summerhouse to relax. I do not have much shade and it gets very hot unless I sit under the parasol. It is also the shape of the garden that prevents that dream at the moment. It is a large garden but very much not used to its full potential.

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