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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Lauren Davies


After moving into our house in 2015, we had big plans for the garden. It’s not the most ideal garden as it’s long and narrow but with a bit of imagination and my horticultural knowledge from working in a garden centre as a teen, we knew it had potential.
Fast forward to August ‘16, we had installed decking and I had began growing lots of plants ready to plant out in the garden, then all plans were put on hold when our baby decided to make an early appearance at 23 weeks.
Our little girl stayed in hospital for 5 months and came Home just before Christmas 2016 on oxygen as she has chronic lung disease. Since coming home, she has been back in hospital several times. In August 2017 she was admitted to icu and put on a ventilator. After 5 weeks she surprised us all once again! She came off the ventilator and was discharged back on oxygen. It’s been a bumpy road since but given that she was born so early, we are very lucky! The smallest infection can give her a big setback and she is still on oxygen so going to a nursery isn’t an option yet, as a result I’ve stopped working to care for her full time, which means daddy has had to work a lot more, often 7 days a week.
All of this has meant that the garden is still as it was since 2016. In its current condition our little girl can’t go out and explore in it and we can’t get out much as it seems there is always a bug going around, so having a garden makeover would mean the world to us! To have a space other than the house, that is safe for her would be life changing! She goes up to the patio banging on the doors and I would love to one day, be able to open them for her to go and explore and have fun like any other little girl

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  • Kerry Laurence 5 months ago

    Good luck, your Daughter deserves a beautiful garden to play in!


  • Peter 5 months ago

    Fingers crossed you win the makeover


  • Liam Spencer 5 months ago

    Good luck!