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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Marian Cairns

West Calder 

My garden needs a makeover because in 2012, I suffered a spinal abscess that crushed my spinal cord leading to neuropathy. The pain from that along with the fibromyalgia that has since developed means that I can no longer attend to the needs of my garden.
I used to enjoy pottering around and planting things. My neighbours can afford to keep their gardens lovely by hiring gardeners. However my illness led me to loose my job. I was a nurse on a busy ward and I had to me medically retired as a result of the abscess.
When I visit Dobbies I buy little things to brighten up my garden but long to sit and look at the beautiful garden I could have, if only I had the money or man power.
I think that a garden brings joy and peace to our hearts. It can be a place of serenity, just listening and watching the wildlife and admiring the sheer beauty of the wonderful plants and flowers. But sadly my garden has become overgrown as it has had no-one able to attend to it.
Recently I was at a charity event in aid of a very sick friend. During this event there was an auction and I bid for a 2 hour gardening session.
I was so excited at the thought of finally getting something done. I arranged a time for the gardener to come but he did not turn up so I phoned to find out why? Since then he has let me down a further two times. I contacted him via text but he has now not bothered to return my text, so I can only conclude that he has no intention of fulfilling his promise.
I was really happy at the thought of the bushes being cut back and now feel embarrassed by what my neighbours must think. The pain that I feel is unbearable at times I just wish that I was able to have enough stamina to do my garden myself but I can't bend or hold the tools. I have been waiting for a little miracle and pray that I would be a worthy winner as this would be the dream that could lift the dark cloud hanging over me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Kind regards
Lindsey Bennett

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  • Hayley Moss 6 months ago

    My mum deserves to win this! She has had an awful time of late and her illness has left her with very little mobility. She loves her garden and the lack of attention to it is upsetting her. I'd like her to win this to give her her garden back and she could have a place to relax in x