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Magical Garden Makeover - COMPETITION CLOSED

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Pat Davies


Due to one crisis after another over the last few years my beloved garden has become very neglected. I love gardening and it breaks my heart to see it all getting out of control.
My husband had a heart attack and whether this affected his brain no-one will ever know but after he recovered he ran off with another woman after 40 years of marriage.
This was totally out of the blue as I thought we had a good marriage so it came as a big shock.
After a hard 18 month legally fight I finally got the house and thought I could start restoring the now very neglected garden...........This was not to be !!!!
My sister was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and has undergone a year of chemotherapy so I have been staying with her Monday to Friday for the last year.
I also have a 90 year-old mother who still lives in her own home but can't manage her garden so I have been keeping that ticking over by grass cutting and weeding.
I am 64 years old and can not keep juggling my life like this and still have time to restore my garden to a manageable state. I would love to have it back to the level where I just have to do basic jobs and still have time to spend some much needed relaxation by sitting there in the summer.

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