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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Jillian Martin


Hi. I love my wee garden. Its a sanctuary for me. I love the vibrance of colours and smells and a tranquil place to be at peace. I have been clinically blind because of medical conditions with my eyes a year or so ago and fought tooth and nail to get my vision back. I have had retinal detachment, macular haemorrhage , eye injections, victrectomies and cattaract surgery. I guess without being negative i have come to accept that at some point i may loose my vision, and while i was very low and depressed because of the eye issues my garden was my safe place. My little water feature, the birds and the lovely smells. I also respect nature and try to help invite nature by choosing flowers and plants that feed and give shelter. My garden is very wet and needs to have proper drainage and some tlc as i am a novice but try to keep it maintained. I would just love to win this amazing prize because i would use my garden more and appreciate every monent i spent in it. I have also taken on my 9 year old niece who has never had a proper garden. I have had to give up work to look after her bacause of her emotional issues. With only my husbands salary it has become difficult ti save to have it done properly. She is very at one with nature, loves plants and wildlife. It would be an opportunity to teach her about being respectful of nature, conserving and enjoying the garden. We would have family barbaques, kids to come and play and have a happy family garden which is both cheaper and more economical that paying for fancy holidays. I love all seasons and would love to be able to have vibrance all year round. This would give me the foundations to progress and adapt the garden. Thank you

Jill Martin

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  • alison 6 months ago

    good luck


  • K 6 months ago

    Good Luck xxx


  • Wendy gray 6 months ago

    Hope u win.