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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Joanne Parker

Saltburn By The Sea 

This would be amazing for my 20 month old twin boys who were born at 29 weeks. After spending 10 weeks on neonatal with constant worry and anxiety every day. Twin two was struggling with breathing issues and struggled to come off ventilation and went to theatre at 5weeks old where he had cysts removed from his airway and discovered he had a very narrow airway. We finally went home where we struggled with twin 2 being poorly on and off and back and forth to hospital. Twin 1 and my 10 year old were left with family. Christmas Day 2016 was touch and go for my little prem warrior and was rushed to theatre to be intubated once again. It was decided that on 5th January 2017 he was to be fitted with a tracheotomy. My world was shattered, this went ahead and my family fell apart with dad leaving us. The stress was enormous and I can’t be alone in the car with my little man as his Trachy can become blocked and would need emergency change. I have since spent the last 15 months raising my 3 boys on my own. It’s been so difficult as twin 2 has spent the 15months in and out of hospital with severe chest infections. My little man has also just recently had a gastrostomy fitted to feed as he won’t eat, he smiles no matter what is thrown at him and he’s such a strong very special little man. As we are very house bound due to his needs this garden make over would change his life dramatically as he would be able to experience the outside world more than a walk around the village in his pram. I have to go through my garage to get into my garden as there’s no other access to it. God this would be such an honour to make my boys enjoy the great outdoors.

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