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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Jean Havenhand


My garden needs a makeover because it looks untidy but more so uninviting. For the past year my time has been taken up with looking after the family including my youngest granddaughter(aged 10) who a year ago was diagnosed with NEAD and later had a diagnosis of high functioning autism. Any spare time has been taken up with hospital appointments and/or meetings. She has been unable to attend school since April 2017 and so we try to do "school work" when she is able but a garden provides a safe place for her to dance or spend time with her dog. I also have a 15 year old granddaughter who as well as being in the middle of her GCSEs has put her social life on hold to help look after her younger sister and so I would love an area for her where she can relax with her friends. This area could also be used by my disabled husband who finds walking very difficult and struggles to mow the lawn but does his best to help me.

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