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Magical Garden Makeover

MyBuilder is on the hunt for the worthiest winner of a magical garden makeover. Cast your vote before the 20th May!

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Maureen Hughes


I got rid of the grass in my back garden because it was always wet and the dog was walking in muddy footprints to the house. I had 4 and a half tons of Scottish beach pebbles put there and I was delighted at my low maintenance backdoor. However, poor doggy has been diagnosed with SLO (an autoimmune disorder) which affects his claws and he finds it difficult to walk on the pebbles- it’s torture to watch him! I’d love a low maintenance garden that’s easy on my wee pals feet, if that’s possible please, now that I have retired I have more time to spend outdoors. Thank you

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  • Sue 5 months ago

    Poor Teddy, hope he gets a lovely garden soon.


  • Debbie cox 5 months ago

    Every dog with slo needs a lovely garden


  • Joanne vaines 5 months ago

    Good luck